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How to Comment

Today we discussed how to write quality comments on other people’s blog posts. Some great ideas were:

  • Write complete sentences.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.
  • No texting language.
  • Give positive feedback.
  • Make a connection or ask a question.

Then, we used sticky notes to practice commenting.

Here are some pictures of the blogs and comments.









Students, what did you learn from this project? Show me by writing a quality comment on this blog post.

Here is a little inspiration:


36 Responses to How to Comment

  1. Ian says:

    I love your blog post.You did really well.

  2. Brock says:

    Thank you for showing me how to properly comment Mrs. Sheffels


  3. Zachary says:

    I really like the pictures of your blog.

  4. Katie #6 says:

    I can’t believe we have a blog :)! Thomas thats a cool shirt:)

  5. Zach says:

    I think your blog is great! I also think Thomas’s shirt is cool.

  6. cole says:

    All these paper blogs are very colorful. They are very well done.

  7. Emily says:

    I liked reading and learning how to post a comment also I liked doing the fun activity we did yesterday. I learned a lot from it. I like the quote at the end too. You did a good job.

  8. Berlyn says:

    I like the motto to. That picture of the paper blogs in the hallway has a great view of them.

  9. Katie says:

    Amazing job on the blog! The paper blogs were very unique and colorful, creative “blogs” and kind comments, a great combination.

  10. Songha says:

    I love the color on the blog papers!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog post, I like the idea at the end of the blog the Tigard quote, do your job
    know your job be first class.

  12. Kaylin says:

    I loved the way you wrote the different ways to write a quality blog post at the top. 🙂

  13. Sara says:

    Hi Mrs. Sheffels I like your post, the project was fun maybe you should recommend it to other teachers.

  14. abbi says:

    I really liked your blog, the wall looks beautiful! i liked the inspiring shirt at the bottom!

  15. Anonymous says:

    i love how you put up people from are class’s comment. you did very good on the pictures and it looks like it is going very well

  16. joseph says:

    i love how you put people from are class’s comment

  17. Charles says:

    I really like the new blog! 🙂

  18. Mrs. Miller says:

    Mrs. Sheffels,
    Your class did a great job commenting. I like your quality comments list. Is is okay if I use the list for my class?
    Mrs. Miller

  19. Mrs. Miller says:

    Mrs. Sheffels’ students: Can you find my comment mistake? Always proofread before you post!
    Mrs. Miller

  20. Charles says:

    Mrs Miller

    Messed up when she did, quality comments list. Is is, there should me one Is in the post

  21. Mrs. Cannon says:

    Mrs. Shefflels,
    I really enjoyed reading your post on “How to Comment”. It was a great idea to have the students practice making a quality comment. I will be working on this next week with my class. I can’t wait to read more of your posts and see how your students grow with their comments.

    Mrs. Cannon

  22. Waleed says:

    The new blog post is great! Hope theirs more coming.

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